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01.2013 - The technical team plays an international role publication of new IHE profiles

New important goal achieved by the technical team of Arsenàl.IT: December 17, 2012 the IHE Radiology Technical Committee published a white paper on a new interoperability profile presented by the Consortium, namely the Cross-Enterprise Screening Mammography Workflow Definition. Remarks and observations about it can also be written in the public comment form.

Meanwhile, three new very specific profiles have been developed in the last three months of 2012: PNOT Option, Intended Recipient and Folder Subscription and XDW extension to XCA. PNOT Option (Pull-style Notification Option) is a profile that aims at extending the guidelines defined in the DSUB profile (Document Metadata Subscription), determining an alternative approach to convey application notification. In particular, it goes beyond the notification "push-and-forget" to a "pull-style" and more preservative approach, usable by nonprofessional applications that do not guarantee the availability of service round the clock, i.e. the General Practitioners' case history. Tightly bound to this profile is the Intended Recipient and Folder Subscription, which extends further the guidelines defined in the DSUB profile, spreading more information by means of notifications. It also ensures the request of notifications dispatch after the publication of documents addressed to a specific target.

Finally, XDW extension to XCA is intended to extend the XDW profile and aims at building a platform for the management of clinical workflows in the context of a federate system, as is the one of the Veneto Region. This result confirms the high level of the work done up to now by the technical team of Arsenàl.IT that will host next March in Treviso the first IHE International face-to-face meeting in Italy, reserved to technicians and experts coming from all over the world.