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01.2013 - The UNITED4HEALTH project begins in Barcelona

The UNITED4HEALTH project began with the kick-off meeting that took place in Barcelona on 15th-16th January 2013. It is a European initiative that keeps on the experience  of the RENEWING HEALTH project, approved inside the VI Call of the CIP ICT-PSP 2012 programme. The partnership is quite large, being composed by 34 partners belonging to 15 different European regions. Regions in which the services chosen among those already studied and developed thanks to RENEWING HEALTH will be implemented. The patients involved will be 20.000. The Veneto Region is represented by the LHA n.14 that, by means of the knowhow developed in RENEWING HEALTH, is going to have a coaching task for the new partners, particularly as for two specific chronic diseases: diabetes and hearth failures. In this activity the LHA n.14 will be technically supported by the team of Arsenàl.IT, that is in charge of defining tools to gather and analyse data. The budget amounts to 10 millions euros, financed by the European Commission for the 50%. Some partners provide their own resources leading the total budget to 22 millions euros. During the kick-off meeting the project was presented in details, giving to all partners a chance to start sharing knowledge by means of a comparison.