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03.2013 - Villa Lorenzon becomes an international interoperability profiles laboratory in a study week promoted by the IHE

It was a very busy week that between 18th and 22nd  March in Villa Lorenzon, Arsenàl.IT headquarters where for the first time in Italy the IHE face-to-face meeting took place. There was a programme with many meetings dedicated to study interoperable profiles and international standards involving more than 40 professionals coming from the USA, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria. The technical team of Arsenàl.IT was involved in defining new interoperable profiles.

On this occasion there were many technical meetings, boards and practical sessions involving the participants. All the guests appreciated the technical contribution and the organization provided by the team of Arsenàl.IT. On the other hand the week was a chance for the team to enhance its knowhow and expertise, by means of comparing with an international setting, empowering the role of Arsenàl.IT as research centre for interoperable standards at international level.