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04.2013 - In Denmark a study visit of the CASA project dedicated to the MAST methodology

A new study visit of the CASA project, dedicated to AAL issues, took place in Odense (Denmark) last 23rd -24th April 2013. The meeting was dedicated to analyse how the impact of AAL solutions can be assessed and reported using the MAST (Model of ASsessment of Telemedicine applications), methodology developed by the Danish partners and being applied by the European partnership of the RENEWING HEALTH project. The first day was dedicated to a seminar on the MAST, while the second day there was a practical application of the assessment methodology by showing specific experiences of the Danish partnership. There was a visit to the University Hospital of Odense where they provide telemonitoring services for chronic patients suffering from COPD and eyes' problems.

The partnership will be in Italy next December 2013 in a meeting involving the Veneto and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions. To get all updated information you can watch the video that announces the study visit while if you are interested in news linked to CASA project you can subscribe the newsletter at the following link http://www.casa-europe.eu/newsletter/.