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05.2013 - Sailing to RHIO: assessment of LHAs patient summaries in the Veneto Region

The importance of using standardized health technologies assessment models has long been recognised. This is why, among the activities planned inside the Regional Health Information Organization project, the Veneto Region, in collaboration with Arsenàl.IT, provided a report on the current situation as for the Local Health Authorities at regional level.   

In order to obtain certified results, comparable at international level, Arsenàl.IT has involved in the meeting HIMSS Analytics Europe, whose representatives are going to show some results achieved in the EMR Adoption Model. The report will illustrate, not only the state of digitalization of the LHAs' information systems, but even critical issues that have to be solved to build the RHIO.

The event will take place 27th June 2013 - 9. 15 a.m. at Arsenàl.IT Headquarter– Viale Oberdan 5, Treviso. To register click here. For further information please contact Chiara Da Riva (cdariva@consorzioarsenal.it).

Some reports will be presented in English.