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05.2013 - Veneto ESCAPE won the "10X10 Storie di Qualità" national award of the Forum PA 2013

The Veneto Region and Arsenàl.IT received a medal from the President of the Italian Republic for the "10X10 Storie del Qualità" award assigned in Rome on 30th May 2013 during the Forum PA.

The regional project managed by Arsenàl.IT obtained the national prize appointed by the FORUM PA and Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità Centro Insulare in order to acknowledge projects, ideas and initiatives that contributed to save money and enhance the quality of the services provided by Public Administrations.

Veneto ESCAPE was awarded in the category dedicated to "process innovation for saving" thanks to money saved by the introduction of the dematerialization of the clinical document process closed in 2012 in all the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts in the Veneto Region. The project let the public health system save 56 millions euros in a 3 years period, while permitted the citizens to save up to 120 millions euros per years thanks to the reduction of travels and time saved instead of going to healthcare offices to get personal laboratory medical reports. Now, thanks to Veneto ESCAPE indeed, all 4.960.000 inhabitants of the Veneto Region can have access and download their medical reports online from the websites of their LHAs.

The award was delivered by the Public Administration and simplification Minister, Mr. Giampiero D'Alia to Federica Sandri, Arsenàl.IT project manager.
This was not the only one prize of the 2013 edition of the most important national Public Administration Fair in which Arsenàl.IT was involved. Two LHAs associated to the Consortium got the same award, being selected among the 10 winners. They are LHA n. 7 Pieve di Soligo for the process innovation for the reusable medical devices reconditioning and LHA n.12 Veneziana for a paperless quality system