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Save the date: March 20th, 2013 'Sailing to RHIO: infrastructure and standardization' at Arsenàl.IT

March 18th – 21st will be the “IHE week” at Arsenàl.IT: from Monday to Thursday, in fact, international experts of interoperability join together in Treviso to define new integration IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise) profiles.

During this study-week, a seminar open to the public has been organized 20th March, to discuss new opportunities in the field of interoperability standards.

The meeting aims at analyzing eHealth issues and telemedicine problems, focusing attention on the themes of infrastructure and standardization, in view of the fulfillment of the RHIO in the Veneto Region.

The contributions of international experts will bring experience developed in the field of IHE from the sharing of clinical data to the management of care processes, from security and privacy topics to Mobile Health, the meeting gives the opportunity to examine in depth technical solutions for the main user cases, suggesting another perspective on the problems.

The event will be in English. Read the program


To partecipate please send an e-mail to Chiara Da Riva cdariva@consorzioarsenal.it.


The event will be broadcasted in streaming on the website www.consorzioarsenal.it