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CO-CREATION: designing eHealth services by involving citizens

Innovation in eHealth services considers people and their health as central elements. This is the fundamental idea on which Arsenàl.IT decided to build as strategy by addressing to users, able to identify which can be the ways to guarantee healthcare services near to their real needs.

Getting inspiration from international experiences, since 2014 Arsenàl.IT has began some specific activities connected with co-creation in eHealth.

It is a practice applied to the enhancement of public services that overturns the traditional top-down logic by substituting it with the collaboration among professional providers and users. In this way users/consumers – involved and participating as resources capable to give a contribution in creating services – become active players, involved in a model based on collaboration that endorses their abilities, knowledge, and experiences to approximate a service to their real needs.

Co-creation is applies in the context of the regional Electronic Health Record (FSEr), a tool that in the Veneto Region has been designed to provide a chance to rethink healthcare processes by creating innovation models in organization and introducing change management themes and elements by using ICT.

The co-creation path started by involving professionals of the regional Healthcare System (more than 1.000 people) in decisions about technical guidelines and documents of the regional FSEr or EHR.

Waiting to provide access to citizens to their FSEr, the main aim is to activate an operative area dedicated to co-creation, creating together with citizens a path to design online healthcare services that are going to be used by themselves. First achievements will be available in 2015.