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01.2014 - Arsenàl.IT in ALEC presents the results of RENEWING HEALTH

There will also be Arsenàl.IT at the fourth edition of the International Arctic Light eHealth Conference (ALEC) held in Kiruna, Sweden, on 4-5 February and dedicated to the theme "the co-creating patient."

The two-day program, which takes place in the area of the Arctic Circle has the objective of developing some issues related to eHealth, especially those who see the patients playing an active role in their care pathway. At the event institutional representatives (i.e. the President of Estonia) and experts are engaged in discussing the prospects for the development of the health of the future. The speeches will be about "co-creative and empowered patient", change management and new leadership, innovative systems to provide services in the field of health.

The technical director of Arsenàl.IT, Claudio Saccavini, has been invited to attend a session in which he will present the model for the management of chronic patients experienced through the project RENEWING HEALTH and the results of this European experience that today sees a deployment on a large scale through the new project United4Health. Saccavini will also display the experience of Veneto Region, which has provided an accurate study on 3,332 chronic patients. This activity, therefore, is part of the actions to disseminate the project results aiming at corroborating at European level the complex and innovative experience of RENEWING HEALTH.