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02.2015 - Lessons learned from ANTILOPE

On last January in Ghent (Belgium) there was the final event of ANTILOPE, a European project whose main focus is at accelerating eHealth Interoperability in Europe and beyond. Arsenàl.IT as associated member of Assinter Italia, partner of ANTILOPE, took part into the project welcoming in June 2014 the local Italian event of dissemination. ANTILOPE recommendations were agreed at the January 29th Handover Workshop in Ghent by stakeholders including the European Commission, vendor associations such as COCIR, expert partners – including IHE – and several national eHealth competence centres. They decided first of all to maintain and deploy the ANTILOPE assets: the refined eHealth European Interoperability Framework that includes 27 IHE Profiles; Quality system testing based on ISO standards; test Methods (tools and test plans) overview that includes the IHE Gazelle tools. Partners even decide to define a European Conformity Assessment scheme using the quality standards of ISO 17025 for testing eHealth interoperability.

IHE played a leading role in this initiative that collected input from 10 ANTILOPE summits across the 28 EU member states in 2014 and involved key national and international organisations working together to accelerate deployment quality of standards and profiles for eHealth interoperability.

ANTILOPE recommendations will also help improve the testing of cross-border exchange of Patient Summary and ePrescription. At least 3 countries and the EU Commission’s newly established Connecting Europe Facility will be testing at the 2015 IHE-Europe Connectathon.

Arsenàl.IT is really fully engaged in aligning its strategy on the ANTILOPE recommendations in particular as for the labelling activities inside the regional Electronic Health Record (progetto Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico regionale del Veneto)