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03.2015 - The Veneto Region activated the eReferral

Since April 1st 2015 the Veneto Region started to have the eReferral as for the specialist prescription, reaching a fundamental step towards the constitution of the regional Electronic Health Record (FSEr). They digitalize the prescriptions of specialist medical examination, diagnostic and laboratory exams, closing the digital prescription cycle began on 1st September 2014 when a white paper substituted the red paper drug prescription. The new process guarantees to have available in real time, inside a unique regional system, checked data about healthcare prescriptions and booked by the about 5.000.000 citizens. The Veneto Region is the first region in Italy to digitalize the prescription cycle by activating a regional system over the national central one created by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rome. 

As for the citizen there is not a great change. Since April 1st all citizens going to their general practitioners receive a white piece of paper instead of the traditional red prescription. It represents a preventive measure provided by the Minister of Economy and Finance to prevent problems; in the next future the eReferral will be paperless even for the citizen who can go to the booking centre only bringing his personal health card.

The real innovation is that this step permits to digitalize all the personal clinical data linked to the prescription and to each personal healthcare path. Data that will be available online, always and anywhere: this represents the main aim of the FSEr, the regional EHR, that is a turning point for the access to clinical data of the citizen, but above all it represents a great chance to guarantee better healthcare services.

One the advantages of the new system are that permits the regional system to know the number of services prescribed and booked real time. This because the digital data are gathered and checked on the basis of an exclusive regional data system, that permits to eliminate double bookings and mistakes with positive concerns as for the waiting lists.

Population will be informed by a communication campaign that includes several traditional and digital materials and is linked to the general communication plan connected to the regional Electronic Health Record. Arsenàl.IT coordinates the project that, by adopting a general re-organization of all the information healthcare system at regional level, introduces a revolution inside health and social services to guarantee better services in a more efficient and cost-effective system.