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04.2012 - Arsenàl.IT University: Aldo Cocchiglia, founding and CEO of M31 explains the market of innovation between Italy and the United States

Arsenàl.IT has organised for the whole 2012 an initiative called "Arsenàl.IT University" for its staff: this consists in a seriers of training meetings with leading figures from the world of health and innovation.

The aim of the meetings is on the one hand, to give the team refresher elements and deepening cues for the acquisition of specific knowledge on the health world, and on the other hand, to develop the theme of innovation. The goal is to provide the team with a source of high quality competences to apply to the management of the daily working activities and to future challenges.

Therefore, the meeting that took place last March with Aldo Cocchiglia,founding and CEO of M31 USA turned out to be particularly interesting. The company, in fact, works between Padua (Italy) and Santa Clara (Silicon Valley, USA) as an incubator of innovative technologies and start up exceeding the boundaries and the dynamics of the Italian market, operating within a global economical context. The main sectors in which M31 invests are the ones of biomedicine, telecommunications, advanced information technology, realities very closed to the one of Arsenàl.IT.

"A big limitation of the Italian entrepreneurship – states Cocchiglia – is that despite the excellent levels of research and university education in our country, there is a lack of companies that rise around the best research centres and sometimes the entrepreneurial culture itself is deficient".

Therefore what we need to move from the research to the International enterprise is the rise of a union between knowledge and technology that concretely happens when task forces composed by industrialists, sales marketing managers, and investors explore the Universities mines looking for new business opportunities to develop together with the researchers.