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04.2015 - A team of Arsenàl.IT at Connectathon 2015

A small task force composed by five members of the technical team of Arsenàl.IT, skilled and trained as for interoperability matters participated to the Connectathon Europe 2015 that took place in Luxemburg from 20th to 24th April. The Connectathon is an annual event promoted by IHE Europe during which intenational vendors test the level of interoperability of their software products. The group of monitors of Arsenàl.IT operated in testing the applications presented by vendors as real experts in interoperability that supported IHE Europe in different phases by using the Gazelle platform and some other testing tools. As for the side events, the technical director of Arsenàl.IT, Claudio Saccavini was speaker in two sessions during Med@Tel. On the 23rd April he presented the achievements of the European project RENEWING HEALTH in the session "Evidence: The Impact of the Telehealth and Telecare Services in the Care of Patients Affected by Congestive Heart Failure" while on the 24th April he talked about ePrescription and EHR: A Synergic Strategy to Provide a Wide Range of Services for the Citizens, illustrating the success of eprescription and eReferral in the Veneto region.