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05.2012 - XDW test–bed at the IHE Europe Connectathon in Bern

The XDW profile passed successfully the test-bed at the Connectathon in Bern and is now ready to be inserted in the planning experiences of the companies.

The team of Arsenàl.IT has been protagonist in the kermis promoted by IHE in the Swiss city from 21 to 25 May: there, the XDW profile, fruit of the work of the technical team led by Claudio Saccavini, has been tested by seven suppliers both Italian (A-THON, Dedalus, Engineering) and International (Tiani, Rogan, Topicus e Forcare).

Passed these tests the XDW profile is now workable on the clinic care users and applicable to real care settings. All we have to do now is to wait for the implementation of the standard by the vendors to demonstrate its potential on a technical and practical level.

The results of the Swiss session of the Connectathon will be published and made available by IHE within June 2012.