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05.2015 - The Electronic Health Record model of the Veneto Region at the Kings Fund in London

On 17th June 2015 in London there will be the Digital Health and Care Congress, annual event promoted by the King's Fund that promotes an international discussion on the themes related to integrated care. This year the event is based on the idea that a better use of technology and big data is essential to support and facilitate the development and re-definition of the healthcare system. A theme that is connected with the re-organization of the national healthcare system began by the British Government. Among different best practice chosen inside an international call, Arsenàl.IT has been chosen to illustrate the experience of the regional Electronic Health Record of the Veneto Region as well as for MasterMind, the European telemedicine project dedicated to support clinician in the treatment of patients affected by depression and the achievements of RENEWING HEALTH.

The presentation of the regional Electronic Health Record will be really important as the Veneto Region has the chance to show its EHR model based on collaboration on an international stage. Arsenàl.IT is going to present our eHealth experiences by proposing two poster sessions.