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09.2012 – Published two new profiles following from XDW

Arsenàl.IT has established itself as International Research Centre thanks to two new IHE profiles published at the end of August, after the elaborative processingmade by the technical team of the Consortium, led by Claudio Saccavini. This involves two profiles following from XDW (Cross enterprise Document Workflow): the first is called XTHM-WD (Cross enterprise TeleHome Monitoring Workflow Definition) and is a profile for the traceability of the home telemonitoring. Its testing ground is taking place within the project RENEWING HEALTH, in which is occurring the realization of an integration platform between the patients'telemonitoring centre and the General Practitioners' medical records.

Another profile, the XBeR-WD (Cross enterprise Basic eReferral Workflow Definition), has been published in the field of Patient Care Coordination and will be used in the realization of the project Ricerca Sanitaria Finalizzata (Health Care Research) concerning pharmaceutical ePrescpription and the Electronic Health Record, and within the extension of DOGE services, in the field of the Project Regional Electronic Health Record. This profile has already excited interest within the world clinician community, especially in New Zealand and Holland that has launched two trials in which the profile is used.

A further profile, XTB-WD (Cross enterprise Tumour Board Workflow Definition),has been defined in collaboration with the Dutch Tumour Board and will be published in the next months. This profile allows the management of tumoral boards, in which teams composed of professionals coming from different structures evaluate specific clinical cases.

Finally, the profile XMS-WD (Cross enterprise Screening Mammography Workflow Definition) will be published soon in the form of white paper. This profile concerns applications in the domain of mammography screening and prevention.