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09.2012 - LOINC: transcoding started in almost all the Local Health Authorities of the Veneto Region

The goal is almost in sight: 18 out of 23 Local Health Authorities of the Veneto Region have standardized a set of laboratory codes through LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes), an international database that gives names and universal ID codes to identify laboratory results and clinical tests. The transcoding carried out reaches the 90% of the fixed total, a remarkable result for the health system of the region.

The project Veneto ESCAPE gave a boost to the hard work of transcoding defyning as priority the interoperability of the laboratory report. To reach this goal, it was necessary to associate each internal code of the laboratoy with a univocal LOINC code, so that every result reported in the HL7-CDA document could be univocally understood and reorganized by the medical records, even if they come from different LHAs.

LOINC is an international structured standard codification and it is free. Its aim is to simplify the exchange and sharing of results (i.e. haemoglobin, potassium level, etc.) or vital signs to improve clinical assistance, the management of the final results and the activity of research.

Arsenàl.IT decided not to change the organization and the internal habits of the laboratories, instead it put side by side the existing codification and the new LOINC codes: each LOINC code was included in the structured report as a translation of the internal code.

In the near future the aim is to extend the LOINC transcoding to all the laboratory tests.