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The headquarters of the Consortium Arsenàl.IT is located at the prestigious villa Lorenzon, thanks to the generosity of the countess Teresita Gaetani Lorenzon who, in her last will and testament, decided to assign the villa and the open barn to activities of research and study in the field of health.

In 2008, in collaboration with the executor Pietro Tonini, opened the "Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon", local headquarters of the "Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore" of Rome, which since 2010 gives hospitality to the operational headquarters of Arsenàl.IT, Veneto's Research Centre for eHealth Innovation.

The Consortium, like the "Centro Studi Lorenzon", embodies the wish made by the countess and pays homage to her generosity.

Villa Lorenzon, a valuable architectural example dated back to the early twentieth century, is located close to the historic centre of Treviso, just outside the old walls of the city, in a marvellous landscape.

The complex, constituted by the villa and the open barn, is surrounded by a big green park with ancient trees and shrubs. The wide external space at disposal allows the organization of congresses and events. Inside the property there is also a car park.