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Veneto's Research Centre for eHealth Innovation, Arsenàl.IT aims at enhancing the clinical processes and the assistance offered to citizens by means of a collaboration among associated members, an optimization of involved resources, a reduction of costs and a facilitation of the change management.

The Consortium represents a skilled subject as regards the building of affordable models, capable of promoting the improvement of the healthcare system by means of reducing costs. All this without forgetting a strong accent on the themes of interoperability and the use of international standards.

Innovation is the keystone of the action developed by Arsenàl.IT that gathers eHealth experiences and know-how, heritage of each associated member that is to say all the regional LHAs and Hospital Trusts, and it develops a continual activity as regards the research for innovation and planning of new solutions for the enhancement of infrastructures and organization.

The research developed by the Consortium is oriented towards Health Technology Assessment study in eHealth to provide tools that can assist, support and guide healthcare decision makers and policy makers.

Arsenàl.IT developed a company culture based on: innovation, dynamism, and sharing. Values that are reflected on the unusual and flexible organizational model as well as on the work method and the approach towards research. Thanks to this, it moves with an extreme flexibility and energy, giving pulse to new solutions that give value and allow an enhancement of the potentialities of each associated member by collaboration and sharing.

Thanks to a young and qualified team, it looks like a specialized centre, capable of providing analysis, proposals, and outputs at complete disposal for the associated members by means of a networking system.