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Research for innovation and the creation of observatories targeted for the analysis of the state of the art in the field of digital health solutions are the primary objectives of Arsenàl.IT. Until now, 16 observatories were fulfilled in the field of: telemedicine applications, the use of the tele-laboratory , the connection of general practitioners and paediatricians, the digital management of the whole cycle for signing, certifying, filing, extracting, distributing and storing up clinical digital reports, the telemonitoring of chronic patients , the spread of online services for citizens, the connection with pharmacies and the use of solutions of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) .

Relevant is also the activity of research, study and comparison of the eHealth models in the national and international context made ​​within the projects managed by the Consortium.

In recent years the number of collaborations and partnerships has grown considerably, improving and maintaining collaborative agreements in particular with the University of Padua, Ca ' Foscari University of Venice, Udine and Verona.

Since 2011 an agreement with the Institute of Computing and Network of the National Center of Research (ICAR) has been made and in the same year Arsenàl.IT joined Assinter , an association of regional companies of technological innovation that brings together public capital companies working in the field of information technology in public administration.

In addition to working with several scientific societies, Arsenàl.IT works in close collaboration with IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise ), one of the most influential institutions at international level in the field of the study of guidelines for interoperability in healthcare, covering the role of Co-chair in the figure of the technical Director in the ITI Planning Committee.