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Arsenàl.IT, on indication of the Veneto Regional Authority, provides the guidelines for the use of ICT standards, promoting homogeneity and the adaptation of the existing systems to new laws and monitoring their application. All this considering the indications that can be find inside the new regional Healthcare Planning that has a section dedicated to eHealth.

As for its function of Regional eHealth Centre, heritage of all the 9 public Local Health Authorities, 2 Hospital Trusts, "Azienda Zero" and Veneto Institute of Oncology (IOV) of the Veneto Region, Arsenàl.IT operates as an engine to activate and set up systems that have to be interoperational to guarantee the Veneto citizen with a more efficient and standardized service in the territory.

The team of Arsenàl.IT has worked a lot in the field of research, getting important achievement at international level in the field of the application of international standard, i.e.: